Florida Association of the Deaf
fad      BCAD is an affiliate of FAD. 
       To access the website for FAD, click here.


Florida Association of the Deaf 2013 Conference
fad2009      This conference will held October 2013 in Tampa.
      Information on this conference may be seen on FAD's website, click here.

Florida Deaf Golf Association
fdga   deaf + golf + florida = FDGA (what else?)
    Founded in 1991.  For information about this group and their tournaments, see their new website here.


Greater Ft. Lauderdale Association for the Deaf
    Meets every 3rd Saturday at BCAD Clubhouse..

Visor cards for Deaf Drivers
   What should you do if you are driving and get stopped by a policeman?
   This site will provide a couple of scenarios on what happens and what you can do.
    It will also allows you to print, in pdf format, "Driver is Deaf" card that you can put on your visor.

League of Hard of Hearing

    LHH just changed their name to Center for Hearing and Communication. They provide special services for the deaf and hard of hearing in Broward County. They distribute free assistive devices from FTRI as well as other services. Their office is located in Ft. Lauderdale. To see their website, click here.